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Process of working with us


design Process

All gardens and clients differ in their requirements however all of our projects are crafted with a rigorous attention to detail, thoughtful material selection and a necessary focus on all landscape elements. Working with the clients, architects and creative design teams, our design process follows a similar pattern regardless of project scale. This process can be broken down into three phases.  

HMW Roof terrace concept - Belgravia.jpg

1. Client briefing & concept design

Meeting on site with the client or client's representatives to understand the goals and desires for the project. If a creative team is already in place we look to collaborate with them closely, choosing materials appropriate for the architectural palette and design style, reviewing our designs alongside the other team members to ensure all interior and exterior designs flow effortlessly, key to a successful project.  

A series of sketches and models follow on from the site visits allowing ideas to develop and progress naturally. These may also be shown to the client as a discussion point prior to the final design being signed off, allowing the client to feed into the initial design development. Having an open dialogue with our clients is essential to ensure all of the client's needs have been met. 

2. Concept development, detail design and tendering

Once a design has been agreed with the client, we look closely at all of the design details. This includes the production of scaled garden plans and technical detailing for hard landscape elements, along with the sourcing and selection of materials including plants, furniture, lighting and ornaments.

To choose the right plants for the project, the selection process involves visits to nurseries both in the UK and Europe, ensuring that all of the most project appropriate trees, hedging, topiary and herbaceous plant materials are sourced. 

We work with different landscape contractors and can either make recommendations to the client based on our experience or work with the client's own team. The tender process for either way will be the same. 




HMW Rosewood.png

3. Project realisation

During the garden build stage we will monitor progress on site with the landscape contractor and be on hand to assist in design issues. We attend site review meetings and make frequent visits to ensure the general smooth running of the project, budget and timescales. As the planting stage commences we are present to set out the planting plan, including the positioning of trees and topiary.

Once the project is complete we will review with the client and/or design team to ensure a successful end result. In many instances we stay closely involved with our gardens, helping them evolve over time, such as by making seasonal suggestions with autumn and spring bulbs.