Henrietta Murray-Wicks Studio

Hampstead Village

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HMW Studio Eldon Grove 7

A newly completed project in Autumn 2017, this family garden was designed with fun and children's play in mind. Maintaining a sufficiently large central lawn was key for the young family, whilst ensuring the views from within the house were carefully thought through. Not only because the main living areas faced on to the garden with large glass doors, but primarily there was a new double height reception room with rear glass façade that looked out solely onto the rear garden. Year round planted structure was provided in the form of topiary beehives and clipped hedging, both in Taxus baccata, all to be set against a long backdrop of flowering and scented, evergreen jasmine.  The plant palette was chosen to reflect the North facing aspect of the garden, with a combination of flowering herbaceous and shrubs. The stone was a new sawn York stone, used in both the front and rear gardens. The front garden also incorporated a large existing Hawthorn tree, with new hedging and a full, flowering planting mixture. 

This garden was designed in collaboration with architects Stiff + Trevillion.